Sage Woman

Working with Sage has affected my life positively in so many areas, including areas I didn’t know were holding me back. She created a sacred, safe, nonjudgmental space for me to do my work. This was crucial for my healing. I knew I could tell her literally anything and be received with compassion and understanding, not ridicule, shame, guilt or judgment. From this place of deep trust, Sage led me to the root cause of my suffering. Then she provided me with tools to work through my many issues - tools that I continue to use in my life. She treated each challenge I brought to her with sincerity and authenticity, whether it was small or large, serious or trivial, a root cause of my suffering or just a common annoyance. It was such a relief to have someone I could trust completely to listen compassionately, to hear my words without judgment and to give me unconditional love that healed my soul. She changed my life. She is a blessing to me.  ~Kris~

 I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with Sage  with her spiritual life coaching series.  Sage made it extremely easy to share my intentions for the work I wanted to accomplish in the five weeks I had her counsel.  Each week I would share with Sage what was keeping me from operating as my highest self and Sage would use her vast knowledge and intuition to guide me in the best direction to look at things in a new way or process.  I was given homework to do weekly in preparation for the following week's phone call in order to make the best use of our time together.   I was astounded at how precisely Sage could hone in on just the right message to deliver to me in helping me clear and transmute fears or suffering I was incurring in my life.  I could honestly feel myself getting stronger and clearer as each week passed by.  I knew our sessions were in complete confidence and that in talking with Sage I could be 100% open and honest, never feeling judged.  Sage was a godsend during a tumultuous time of transition in my life.  I truly feel her guidance was divinely inspired and allowed me to open to my inner wisdom.  I can't thank her enough for her love, support and friendship! ~Suzie B.~


I had seen Sage Woman mention her intuitive coaching series on Facebook and decided to gift it to myself for my upcoming birthday.  What a gift it was!!! I was feeling out of balance, 2 dimensional, lacking motivation in some areas and just, in general, needed centering.  I got all of this and more in the series!  I dug into issues from long ago, and learned to see the lessons and gifts in things that have happened to me.  I explored, both during the sessions and in the thought provoking "homework", many facets of me and really got myself centered and blossoming once again!  I would highly recommend her services to anyone! ~Terri B.~

I had just met Sage a couple of weeks before I started working with her as my Intuitive Counselor. I knew in that first meeting she was the one to assist me on my reawakening of my spiritual journey. Sage did that and more; she helped me take a good deep, soulful look within myself and figure out what was holding me back from walking on my path that I had chosen decades before. She assisted me in awakening my natural spiritual talents and was there to encourage me in knocking down all those walls that was preventing me from strengthening those talents.

It was a journey of release of years of built up anger and guilt. It was a journey filled with tears and laughter. With the release I found my true self again. All this was accomplished with Sage’s guidance and tools she provided.

My life is so much better now. My heart is once again open and my soul dances once again. My path is clear and I am so much stronger. I continue to use the tools that Sage gave me every day. I read and reread our conversations and continue to grow. I will never be able thank God/Goddess enough for placing her on my path. I will never be able to thank her enough for her guidance, gentle pushes and love.

If you are hesitating in using her services, DON’T, her God given talents are there to help and she will be a life changer if that is what you need.

With gratitude and love, ~Jackie L.~

I was directed to Sage in a time when everything was unclear. I was hurt and confused about circumstances in my life. Sage became a confidant, a sister, a best friend.
Someone who had been through it all and could help me see how my life choices and the choices of others had effected me. She also helped me see the beauty in it all.
Most of all she showed me to not be so hard on myself and enjoy this wonderful journey we are all on.

Namaste,  ~JR~

Sage is a tremendous light to work with.  Her gifts have brought me to begin to uncover and believe in my own. She has helped me to face the fire that is the pain associated with some of my long held core beliefs, stare these beliefs in the face and begin to transform them with daily tools and powerful affirmations. She has given me "how to's" for beginning the journey of stepping into my power and not giving it away, For Reducing clutter in my mind, and for putting words into ACTION. I absolutely feel the most gratitude and I often smile when I hear her voice in my mind or what I think she would say echoing in my head. Especially in discerning moments when I could opt to fall back into old patterns. Pure love and peace to you Sage [💜] Thank you for your time , light, non judgemental personality and wisdom. You have had an impact on me and I am certain I am vibrating higher already because of your shared light. I am forever grateful. ~Stephanie Belza~

​I had the amazing priviledge to attend the Medicine Woman Mystery School retreat hosted by my dear friend, Sage. As both an intuitive and healer, Sage created the perfect space to share her wisdom, gifts and magic. Knowing Sage for a few years, having had two life-coaching series and individual intuitive sessions, I knew I was in for quite the experience and didn't hesitate to commit to this one-on-one weekend retreat. I was not disappointed!!!

Sage went out of her way to see that everything I needed and then some was waiting for me. She is a fabulous chef and honored my dietary preferences with organic, high vibrational foods that were pure art. Her guided meditations and ceremonies to awaken my own medicine woman were sacred and divinely guided by spirit. I felt rejuvenated as my souls guided to remember my own truths and divinity while learning new ways to walk and honor this earth and her elements. 

I deeply respect Sage for her gifts but also as a close friend and sister goddess. We had so much fun relaxing by the lake, kayaking, enjoying nature and even catching some local country bands in pure Texan style. I've never found it easy to receive but that is what this weekend was all about. I felt so nurtured and supported by Sage doing the work she was born to share in this lifetime. Thank you, Sage for the gift of you and a weekend I will never forget!!!  ~Suzanne Bartlett~

I have spent the last two weeks since returning home from my retreat with Sage trying to recreate the magic of that weekend. Everything from the food, accommodations, transportation to the work we did was like staying at a Five-Star sap and yoga retreat. It was exactly what my mind/body/soul needed. Will definitely book again. Highly recommend!  ~K.M.~