Sage Woman

Sage's Spiritual Toolbox

My joy is to use my gifts to help you discover yours. I am here to assist you in co-creating the prosperous joyful life that is your birthright! It is my life's work to awaken others to their higher purpose and souls truth.

As a spiritual counselor, I provide insight and tools to help you harness your "true power" so you can improve all aspects of your life.

My main focus is helping you make wise choices and create positive change. As a spiritual counselor and intuitive I combine many life enhancing tools to help you clear limiting beliefs and to make empowered choices to create a more fulfilling life.

As an intuitive tarot reader for over 30 years... I use the ancient wisdom of the Tarot to help expand awareness and to tap into higher wisdom. All of us are constantly co-creating with the universe via our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. I help you to tap into your co-creating power so you can create the best present now!

Spiritual Toolbox Includes:

- Prosperity Consciousness

- Chakra Balancing

- Chakra/Goddess Coaching. Connecting with your inner Goddess

- Intuitive Readings

- Tarot Readings

What can you expect from a session with Sage Woman?

Most clients express a renewed sense of clarity, direction and joy. Every session is different but my general approach is the same. I begin by discussing your overall life path, your purpose, karmic lessons, desires, potential and any obstacles and roadblocks that are showing up in your life right now. How they relate to spiritual lessons and ways to activate your power and clear and bring to the light any and all challenges. Utilizing the gifts of meditation, affirmations, movement, tarot and anything else that spirit guides our way.

Topics discussed usually include career, love, relationships, finance, self-esteem, spirituality, and ways to enhance your own intuition.

Session $90.00 for 45-60+ minutes