Revitalize ~ Rejuvenate ~ Refresh

Schedule your four week Intuitive Life Coaching series today!

My coaching style is radical and I go straight to the core of whatever issue(s) you are desiring to change, empower or break through.

I offer a four week series plus a bonus session.  Each week we will have a ninety minute phone session and in between each session you will have a magical practice (tool) to work with in assisting you in reaching your goal(s).  The bonus gift is an hour Intuitive reading with me (value $90) following the 4 weeks of coaching.

Please email me                   to schedule your complementary phone consultation to discuss if this coaching is for you.  Energy exchange for series and intuitive reading is $360.00

Here are some different reasons why a personal life coach may be beneficial to you:
*Discover your life purpose
*Help setting and achieving goals
*Re-invent yourself
*Lose weight, body image, achieve greater health and wellness
*Find more happiness or joy in your life
*Re-discover your passions
*Career transition
*Improve relationships
*Self empowerment ~ self image
*Spiritual connection
*You feel stuck but do not know how to move forward
*Desire to break out of your comfort zone
*Learn how to manage your time and release stress
*Need someone to hold space for you and the opportunity to vent

We will co-create the coaching sessions together to match your desires.  Blessings and Gratitude!





Intuitive Life Coaching Series

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