As we move into the age of the divine feminine, it is time to slow down and balance all the doing and simply learn to be. Being in the state of now, the present, the gift of all that truly is. We will tap into all of the 7 Goddess Archetypes, so we can rediscover our own inner goddess energy.

As we connect to each of the goddess archetypes within, through prayer, meditation, affirmations, dance, drumming, music and anything else that brings us closer to the divine. We will experience the magic of each energy center as it comes alive.

  • Release and Clear Obstacles
  • Nurture, Pamper and Inspire Yourself
  • Tap into Your Intuition
  • Boost Creativity and Release Anxiety
  • Open the Gateway to the Intelligence of Spirit

- Warrior Queen Goddess Kali~EmbraceChange

- Magical Muse Goddess Ishtar~Discover the Divine

- Daring Diva Goddess Persephone~Personal Power

-Primordial Mother Goddess Kwan Yin~Embody Love

- The Natural Healer Goddess Athena~Speak Your Truth

- Sacred Sage Goddess Isis~Trust Your Choices

- High Priestess Goddess Nuit~Experience Bliss

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Goddess Chakra Playshop





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